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We had purchased several years ago with the intent of helping people buy and sell items and services on  We had trouble with Ruby on Rails, and decided to convert the site into a feeder for more targeted influential legal tweeters and to help lawyers market their firms on  As we slowly build out the site, we will be accepting membership applications here.  Eventually, we would like to change out the template and have multiple real time feeds from the lawyers in my “Circle of Legal Trust” on Google+.

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We reward those jurists who are active in social media, with feeds directly to their sites and twitter usernames. Nationwide attorneys like accident attorneys in Los Angeles, Michael P. Ehline, Esq., Cincinnati lawyer, Tony Castelli, Chicago Lawyer Jon Rosenfeld and Ron Miller of Miller and Zois, are tweeting and sharing right here, right now!  So although we no longer have a platform to buy and sell items, goods and such on Twitter, we have preserved the services section and targeted that section towards the best and most influential legal tweeters.

The place to find the most socially infleuential Tweeters in the Legal World.